Fashion tips for monsoon

The monsoon is one of the best seasons of the year. It comes with the captivating smell of earth, the lush greenery which soothes the eye. But with the pitter-patter every other day, puddles and muddy streets, the rains demand a wardrobe change. The key here is to choose the right fabric, clothes and accessories that are functional in the rain. This season also provides an opportunity to experiment with layering, bottom wear, and footwear. The following is some fashion tips to help you not just survive but thrive in the Monsoon.

Go for the right clothes
Going out in the rain is going to be risky for your summer clothes. Change your wardrobe for the monsoon to clothes which have a shorter hem, so that the least dirt gets on your clothes. Try shorts as these will give the least hassle while travelling in the rain. Avoid whites and without any doubt go for dark coloured bottoms, as stains and dirt won't be easily visible in them. Wearing tighter fits is not advised in this weather, always go for a breathable fabric as it will provide the most comfort. Don’t worry there’s always a way for you to keep your fashion game-high. You could always add a pop to your outfit by trying contrasting fits, like going for dark shorts and a cotton print t-shirt.

Choose rain-friendly footwear
In this season, travelling through the muddy streets with potholes is a huge task in itself, take help of some of these tips before stepping out in the rain. Choose rain-friendly footwear which makes your travel easier. could be washed easily and doesn't soak the water. Do away with stilettos and heels for this season. Always opt for rain-friendly footwear like flip-flops, sandals and different types of strappy footwear. Choose footwear which could be washed easily, and doesn't soak the water like Plastic, rubber and PVC. Avoid wearing footwear which could be harmed by the rain like leather, canvas, velvet or suede.

Pick the right fabric
Chances of getting fully drenched are always around due to the sudden downpours while travelling, thus picking the right fabric is important. Because of the increased humidity, it's harder to dry clothes. So ditch silk and denim which tend to take up a lot of time to dry. If possible choose to wear fabrics that are easy to clean and dry up quickly. Pick clothes that are made of materials like cotton polyester as they are comfortable and most importantly dry up quickly. Experiment with prints and varieties of cotton, as they go hand-in-hand in this season.

Always carry a handbag
Due to the uncertainty of the rains, it's always advisable to carry an extra pair of clothes. Always carry umbrellas as they are handy and are of great use. Choose a spacious bag that is big enough to hold all the essential materials. Tote bag is in trend and will be beneficial in this rainy season.